Terms and Conditions

THIS AFFILIATE AGREEMENT (the “Agreement”), together with any amendments, are entered into by and between Profitpea, ULC (“Profitpea”), and the applying Party submitting the Application For Affiliate Status (the “Affiliate”), also referred to herein jointly as the Parties (“Parties”, each a “Party”). This Affiliate Agreement supplements all other Campaign Terms subsequently agreed to by the Affiliate.

WHEREAS, Profitpea and Affiliate desire to provide for the terms and conditions of this Affiliate Agreement as more specifically set forth herein;

THEREFORE, the Parties agree to be legally bound as follows:

  1. Definitions.

1.1. “Opt-in” or “Opted-in” means that the consumer has made an active, affirmative choice to receive Ads from the Affiliate.

1.2. “User” means any person using the Internet.

1.3. “Action” means a User’s completion of an action (such as a click, sale, lead, or call) defined by the Advertiser or Profitpea.

1.4. “Network” means the advertising Network operated by Profitpea, which is made up of Affiliates and Advertisers.

1.5. “Advertiser” means the advertiser, Advertiser or advertising agency providing advertisements to Profitpea for use by the Affiliate.

1.6. “Ad” means the advertisement in the form of graphics and/or text supplied to Profitpea for inclusion in the Profitpea Network and to be made available for Affiliate use.

1.7. “Spam” means unsolicited bulk email where recipients have not agreed in advance to receive Ads.

1.8. “Campaign Terms” means the specific guidelines for each Advertiser campaign as listed in the Profitpea Network.

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